5 tips of how to choose art for your home

Have you aspired to owning original art but don’t know how to?

While many people love the idea of purchasing original art the majority feel at a complete loss of how to get started. So browsing galleries and online galleries is a perfect starting point to start becoming familiar with what you like or do not like in art. Tapping into your own personal opinion and taste is important and highlights the purpose of art that some love it and some don’t and that’s ok.

  1. Start with one artwork for one space in your home (measure the space for approx dimensions).
  2. Decide on the purpose of the artwork. For example, recipe what mood, impression or feeling you wish to create?
  3. View art at galleries or online asking yourself. How do I feel about this? Does it match your purpose? Trust your instincts, the one that stands out is the one for you!
  4. Create a wish-list of the top 3 artworks you wish to consider buying and ‘sleep on it’ if possible to see how you feel refreshed the next day.
  5. Try before you buy. In most cases you can borrow an artwork from Saffron Gallery of Art's collection, so you can have it at home for a few days to make sure that it suits the space and ticks all the boxes.

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