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Will the dots work on wall paper?

Yes, absolutely! Because it's made of self adhesive material, when you take it down, it won't damage the wall paper. This makes it perfect for kids room, holiday house or rental property.

Will it work on glasses?

Certainly. The best part is that because it's self adhesive, after you take it off from the glass, it won't have any residue left. We have lots of retail customers use the dots for that purpose. Easily save you hours of work when you need to take the sign off.

Will it adhere to heavy weight plastic?

Yes, the dots adhere to almost anything. Because the material is air passable, it does not trap air bubbles. It is so much easier to put up and take down. It's almost perfect if you are looking for a signage for exhibitions.

Wow, how about wooden floor, ceramic tiles, carpet or even metal surfaces?

Yes, yes, yes and YES. 
As long as the surface is clean and stable, the dot will get on it just fine. Amazing, huh? We think so too.

Will it be ok if I clean it with soap and water?

It will be totally fine as long as you dry it thoroughly afterwards and you don't use strong chemicals like bleaches. Instead of the traditional inkjet printing technology, the dots are printed using Solvent Ink and dried under high temperature. As a result, the print is a lot more stable and robust. 
Pro tip: try to scratch the dots with your nails!

Will it work if we put it in the shower cubicle?

Hmmm, this is getting challenging. As long as the dots are thoroughly dried after each time you take a shower, it might be ok. 
One of our team member had one over the bath tub in a very busy household. (Twins) The dots were wet most of the time and the colour started to wear off after three months.

Can the dots be removed easily? Will peel them off ruin them?

Compared to install them, taking the dots off is even simpler. As long as the surface is stable, peeling them off is only a matter of carefully pulling them off and stick onto the backing paper.

Will I be able to re-use or re-stick the dots when I move?

Yes, in fact, that is the most amazing part of the dots.

How many times can I peel it off and put back on before it loses the stickiness?

The dots are self adhesive, which means that it does not use sticky materials. The wonderful result from that is you can peel it off and put it back on many many times. We normally say 50 times but they will normally last even longer than that.


1 wall dot 48x48cm round $89.95
1 wall dot 60x60cm round $140
2 wall dots 48x48cm round $160
2 wall dots 60x60cm round $260
3 wall dots 48x48cm round $240
3 wall dots 60x60cm round $390

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