Rewind Series #1 (2010) - Roselyn Cloake

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A nights view of a neon windmill where the breeze swooshes the blades to power the pump station below

Roselyn's series of paintings have been inspired by the cubist movement and in particular Juan Gris, who showed a 3D world as if looking though the facets of a crystal glass. This approach offered Roselyn the freedom to express herself and put her own interpretation on realistic situations and objects which have personal meaning. 

The series unites her parent's different cultural backgrounds to show where she has come from. Her mother is symbolised in windmills and the iconic flat Dutch landscape. Her father is iconised by the sunrise and rolling hills round Fairview , which appear on his father's “Cloake's Honey” tin. Part of her interpretation is the use of her father's cartooning techniques to portray movement and time. By incorporating this fourth dimension, she has developed her own unique painting style.

“Whether you like to purchase art for the beauty of the piece itself or to blend in well with your decor, art is something that is very personal. I would like to help you make a statement about your personality and provide a piece that is an investment in your collection.” - Roselyn Cloake

Supplied by the artist.

Rewind Series #1 (2010)
Media: acrylic on museum grade canvas
Framing: painted around the edges of the stretcher board
Width: 650mm
Height: 800mm
Available from: Saffron Gallery Timaru
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