Spring Exhibition - Glass, Watercolours, Pencil Drawings,


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medicine chicago;"> Exhibition 7 October - 28 November 2014

Deidre Copeland is considered one of the finest portrait artists in New Zealand and has won many awards.   

Deidre (Dee) Copeland has travelled the world working as an illustrator, teacher, photographer and painter.  She has exhibited extensively in Tokyo, London and New Zealand.

It is not the face of the earth that attracts her eye, but the remarkable faces of its characters.  A love of people and portraits has always driven her art and ideas.

Saffron Gallery has the pleasure of exhibiting her latest collection of portraits.


Sue Howells is now recognised as one of the UK’s leading watercolour artists, and to add to her repertoire Sue has included a glass collection.

The exhibition will consist of eight watercolours and eight pieces of glass.  Five of the glass works are floated on board ready to be hung on the wall . Three are curved glass.

The curved glass can stand alone , perhaps in front of a window or on the sideboard so that light can filter through the image.  These works are truly special andunique and exclusive to Saffron Gallery. 




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