Vanishing Point Exhibition & Book Launch


Vanishing Point Exhibition & Book Launch

By Keith Walter, ampoule John Emery, medicine Bing Dawe, store Sarah Anderson

March 29 - April 17 2014

There are many reasons why we wanted to hold the book launch and exhibition in our gallery.

We have always been inspired by Bing and John’s art works. They are not to be taken lightly. They are thought provoking, a snap-shot in time and evoke both a question and possibly any answer.

Another reason is because the MacKenzie Country is a part of what makes South Canterbury unique. Its harsh landscape, dry, sometimes barren, in places untouched, a place of challenge, controversy but our history, challenging yet inspiring. Pure nature yet mankind has tried to tame her.

Those who have lived there, those who live there now are parochial, steadfast in their views, hard people yet soft, the salt of the earth. Like the landscape they are genuine people. Keith has captured the feeling, the uniqueness, the harshness, its beauty.

To spend a moment in the MacKenzie is a tonic for life. When asked whether we would consider holding the book launch and exhibition at Saffron Gallery, we welcomed the opportunity eagerly. What an opportunity – who wouldn’t jump at the chance. Saffron Gallery’s endeavours are to provide genuine art, art from the heart, art and sculpture that tells a story. Having the opportunity to hold the book launch and exhibition helps us meet our goals and provide those that come, the same opportunities. We are excited and humbled by the opportunity. We hope that you enjoy the experience.


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