A seventh generation photographic artist, with an eye for the abstract. An improvisational, experimental, conceptual, impressionistic vision. Fundamental graphics, colours, patterns, shapes, textures, reflections without contextual expectations. Visual interpretations, when lacking imposed reference points, allow viewers to engage their own imaginations.

Cameras simply record light, images, evidence: point and shoot. Exposure breathes life, energy, saturation, vividness. What is that? Which way is up? Where is the horizon? Is that red real? What planet is this from?

Our visualization of photographic art is not about reproducing reality, it’s about discovering colourful beauty in the material beast that surrounds us.


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District: Canada

Type: Photographer

Represented by: Saffron Gallery of Art Ltd

Artwork type/s:

Description: cameras simply record light, images, evidence

Education: Contemporary fine art photography. Fine art printing and colour management.

Key Influences:It's about discovering colourful beauty in the material beast that surrounds us.


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