"I record what I find as well as I can, but a painting is not mere depiction of a scene, it must also convey the ambience. I love to paint the West Coast, the Southern Alps and Central Otago; places that feel untouched. You sit in deep valleys, awed by huge mountains, inspired by their magnificence. It is these feelings I want to share through my work.  Everything has to be scaled down without losing the sensation of grandeur." 

John has been a painter for most of his life, pursuing his passion full time for the last 16 years. Over that period he has finely honed a unique style that has won him a strong following and a high reputation with New Zealand and overseas buyers. A third of of his paintings are sold internationally and displayed in collections throughout the world. John paints using high grade acrylics allowing him to capture the rich landscape colours. Paintings are painted on acid free board.

Each board is undercoated three times and finely sanded between each coat, which allows for his fine detailing. John feels the frame's aesthetics are an integral part of the painting, so frames his paintings himself.

* Bio Supplied by the artist.


District: Nelson-Marlborough

Type: Painter

Represented by: Saffron Gallery of Art

Artwork type/s: acrylics

Description: landscapes,birds

Education: self taught full time artist

Key Influences: I love to paint the West Coast, the Southern Alps and Central Otago


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