Painting since the late 1980’s, Ewan McDougall has developed ‘a powerfully vibrant signature style’. [Mark Amery]. He has had fifty-five solo exhibitions in New Zealand dealer and regional galleries. In 1994 he exhibited in two group exhibitions in Cornwall, UK. In 2003 Ewan showed new paintings in The Dunedin Public Art Gallery...

In the following year he exhibited in The Sydney Art Show with Gallery 2021 and in 2005 McDougall exhibited in London with the prestigious West End gallery.

The Rebecca Hossack Gallery. He also showed that year at Immagini Spazio Arte in Cremona, Italy. In 2006 he showed in Color Elefante Gallery in Valencia, Spain. In 2010 The Aigantighe Gallery in Timaru hosted a major exhibition of Ewan’s paintings, and in October he exhibited in Gallery de Novo as part of The Otago Festival of the Arts. He also took part in Artists as Activists with a number of senior New Zealand painters at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington. In November he exhibited in ‘As far as the eye can see’ invited artists respond to songs by Barry Saunders at Exhibitions Gallery, Wellington. And, also in November, he is exhibiting new works in The Remuera Gallery, Auckland.

The painter is a nine-time finalist in the Sir James Wallace Art Awards, and a finalist or prize-winner in many other prominent New Zealand painting awards including:  The Norsewear Awards, The National Portrait Gallery Adam Art Awards, The Waikato Art Society Painting Awards, The Park Lane Art Awards, The Cleveland Art Awards and The Mainland Art Awards.


  • University of Otago  Auckland Centre Collection, Auckland.
  • Centre of Contemporary Art Collection, Christchurch.
  • DunedinPublicHospital Collection, Dunedin.
  • The Forrester Gallery Collection, Oamaru
  • The Aigantigue Gallery Collection, Timaru
  • Private Collections: throughout New Zealand and Australia, London,
  • New York, Los Angeles, Germany, Paris and Tokyo. 

Artist Statement:

I am an Expressionist painter. I rarely plan a painting or do preparatory drawing. I commence the work with a quick wash of strong, primary colour and then begin to hurriedly paint figures-people, animals and hybrid creatures. I add crude marks for volcanoes, hills, sea, buildings, boats, clouds, sun and moon, working with vibrant impasto. The painting forms, and informs me as to what it is. The last stroke is always the title. Above all I prize spontaneity, colour and a good dose of irony.

‘Ewan McDougall: Paintings’ a new book written by Ewan with 200 colour plates of paintings, a foreword by New Zealand poet David Eggleton, writing by a number of prominent NZ art critics and authors, and poetry by Sarah McDougall, is being published  by Dr David F Marks of Art ‘n’ Stuff Publishing, [London]. It is due for release in October, 2011. 

 * Bio Supplied by the artist.


District: Dunedin

Type: Painter

Represented by: Saffron Gallery of Art

Artwork type/s: Paintings

Description: Contemporary, bright colours, I am an Expressionist painter. I rarely plan a painting or do preparatory drawing.

Education: WaitakiBoysHigh School and taught painting by North Otago regionalist painter Colin Wheeler. Ewan attended OtagoUniversity while also working in freezing works and drumming in Rock bands. He gained an honours degree in Political Studies in 1971. He worked at OtagoUniversity as a junior lecturer and tutor before leaving to travel overseas.


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