Painting has been my vocation for the past 44 years, and watercolour is my preferred medium. Watching aqueous washes envelope the page is still a most captivating experience for me...

In the following pages you will find paintings of the South Island of New Zealand. There are also portraits in oil paint and charcoal life drawings, still life paintings and others of wonderful messy boatyards. On recent trips I have painted in Germany,Switzerland, Holland, Greece, Belgium, Tuscany, Provence and Scotland.

Living in the South Island of New Zealand I am inspired to paint the landscape. This is currently very out of vogue with those enthralled in the chic concepts of cutting-edge art who revel in intangible installations, flickering screens and obscure smears, substanciated by screeds of text explaining some incomprehensable concept they have about their "work"..... Recently I heard that David Hockney, contemporary British artist has been enjoying the medium of water colour.... it can be used in a very sensitive, flexible and expressive way.

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District: South Canterbury

Type: Painter

Represented by:Saffron Gallery of Art

Artwork type/s: Paintings

Education: Self taught


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